23 March
SoulKids Quick Start, Age 6-12

23 March<br/>SoulKids Quick Start, Age 6-12
3 Hour Event

2:30PM to 5:30PM, Saturday

Now every child can benefit from a taste of SoulKids magic.

QuickStart your child to create happiness and success! Children learn essential life-skills such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, success, and self-esteem through playing games, story-telling and role-play.

Age Group: 6-12 Years
Program duration: 3 Hours

S$ 99.00
  • Course Name

    SoulKids Group Programs
  • Course Fee

    S$ 99.00
  • Date & Time

    23 Mar, 14:30PM - 17:30PM

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During the program, we occasionally take photographs and take a group photograph at the end with children holding certificates. These are used on our own website, blogs, Facebook, etc. for publicity and inspiring more children.

Terms & Conditions

SoulKids Academy reserves the right to refuse registration or acceptance of a child into any of its courses, or to return the child to the parents during the class if any health, physical or behavioural issues necessitate it. SoulKids Academy shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatsoever for any damage or loss caused to any personal belongings brought into the class by the children. Parents agree to keep SoulKids Academy informed of any health, dietary, medical, emotional or behavioural issues that their child might have. SoulKids Academy shall not be responsible for the child 15 minutes after the class end time. Parents agree to pick up the children on time after the classes.

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S$ 99.00