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SoulKids Coaching
SoulKids Coaching


In September & October, for Singapore, we are offering our popular SoulKids Coaching sessions for children. 

These fun and effective sessions are conducted by our highly trained Certified SoulKids Coaches, or by SoulKids Co-Founder Sally Forrest.

Get in touch with us at for details or for booking a session for your child.

SoulKids Group Programs run by our Certified SoulKids Mentors are continuing in our international locations, and will resume from November onwards in Singapore.

In September and October, we are away conducting our other training programs internationally in Australia, UK, Europe, Bali, India and more. 

SoulKids Coach Certification dates have been set for 28/29 February + 1 March 2020! 

You too can learn the skills and techniques to become an inspirational coach and mentor to your own children and family. 

You can also work independently or together with us, to impact and inspire other children too, to live a life of happiness and success, with the proven tools that SoulKids provides. 

Let us know if you are interested and we will send you more details. 

Thank you,

Vikas Malkani & Sally Forrest

Founders of SoulKids

S$ 150.00
  • Course Name

    SoulKids Coaching
  • Course Fee

    S$ 150.00
  • Date & Time

    10:00AM - 6:00PM