SoulKids is an award winning life-skills program that provides your child with the complete toolbox of skills needed to create a happy and successful life.


SoulKids was created by Vikas Malkani, a best-selling author and an expert at life-skills. SoulKids gives children essential life-skills for happiness and success, and transforms children into positive, confident individuals in a short period of time.

Having worked with numerous adults to understand their challenges in life, Vikas noticed that many of the issues adults faced often stemmed from childhood beliefs and conditioning. He dedicated himself to developing a program that would work with changing the mind-set and belief patterns that children carried about themselves, about what was possible and about what they could achieve.

SoulKids was developed in 2003 and since then has undergone a constant upgrading process. SoulKids training is proven to work effectively with children of all cultures and backgrounds.

In SoulKids, children learn life-skills such as independence, discipline, setting goals, leadership, teamwork and self-awareness; skills that are necessary for creating happiness and success in life.

SoulKids helps children realize their inner potential and abilities, and then gives them effective tools and techniques to create a life of their choice.

SoulKids supplements and supports the academic training that children receive.

All SoulKids Mentors are personally trained by Vikas and Sally, and graduate through an intensive and structured training program that empowers them to provide the best training for children.

The SoulKids program is completely non-religious. We welcome children from all religions and cultural backgrounds.

Our Achievements

Our team is infused with Passion, Purpose and Professionalism. We love what we do and are delighted that SoulKids is recognised as a brand of excellence.

November 2017

SoulCentre goes to Holywood

March 2017

SoulCentre and SoulKids is featured on BBC World


November 2017

Vikas wins 'Top Speaker' Award at Mega Success USA

November 2017

SoulCentre Meditation for Children featured in Straits Times

October 2016

SoulKids Colouring Book of Wisdom is launched