All children benefit from improved self-esteem, self-belief and confidence. SoulKids offers flexible formats, which can easily be accommodated in schools and the corporate environment. Children from the age of 6 -15 can benefit and we can target individual age groups or group children into similar age brackets.


We all know that schools and teachers are super busy focussing on the academics of life. So let us provide our expertise on life skill programs to supplement the school academic calendar.In addition we can tailor make programs for schools on a variety of subjects – Leadership, Confidence, Creativity, EQ, Mindfulness…to name a few. SoulKids can provide the following formats:

  1. Extra curricular activities for schools
  2. Weekend programs
  3. Tailor made programs
  4. Camps in holiday periods

Simply connect with us and we will meet your needs.


Happy parents make happy employees. We work with many companies to provide life skills not only to their leadership teams and employees, but also to their children. We can tailor make a program to suit your needs. Past examples include:

  1. Happiness in the work place
  2. Top tips on how to be happy at work
  3. Positive Parenting
  4. How to improve self confidence
  5. How to build self esteem
  6. SoulKids Self Confidence for employees children

Simply connect with us and we will meet your needs.