SoulKids Mentor Training

A unique personal development course that creates inspirational mentors.

Benefit from the secrets of SoulKids, the award winning life-skills program that inspired thousands of children and parents. Live a life of purpose and inspire children the world over.

By undergoing SoulKids mentor training you will learn valuable skills and techniques to benefit your children; you will also improve family relationships and see massive personal growth. You will be able to share the secrets of SoulKids with your own children and families.

SoulKids Mentor Training is for you...

  1. If you are keen to grow yourself 
  2. If you have a passion for children
  3. If you want to be the best parent/guardian/relative you can be
  4. If you think children need more than just school education
  5. If you want to be in charge of your own future and earn an additional income

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