All children need is love… and somebody who believes in them.

Individual Coaching is a service provided for your child to support their personal growth and development.

Coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one between the child and the certified SoulKids Coach, during which essential life-skills for happiness and success are imparted to your child.Through the use of the proprietary and unique SoulKids Coaching process created by Vikas, your child receives practical tools that enable them to develop greater self-confidence, enhance their sense of responsibility, become happier, expand their creative thinking, release stress, and expand their mind-set and belief systems.

What is the difference between SoulKids programs and Individual coaching?

While the SoulKids Programs are conducted by certified SoulKids Mentors for groups of children, SoulKids Coaching consists of one-on-one sessions provided by certified SoulKids coaches who are trained by Vikas Malkani, the creator of SoulKids. SoulKids Coaching offers individual sessions for your child, at a pace that you can choose, to suit your convenience. In these transformative sessions, one-on-one attention and support for your child is provided and specific issues can be targeted, thus providing an ongoing learning platform for your child. A coaching relationship is built between your child and the SoulKids coach, which allows all issues to be discussed and in-depth help and support provided to the child.  

What is the coaching process?

The SoulKids individual coaching process is a unique proprietary coaching process created by Vikas to support your child’s personal growth in all aspects. It focuses on specific outcomes with joint responsibility – by the coach to motivate the child using specially designed SoulKids coaching tools and with the child taking the ownership of action towards change. This coaching process is results oriented, time bound and relationship based. How long will the process take before you see positive change? Positive change can appear very fast or it may take time depending on the individual case and issues to be addressed. Change requires a willing participant and is also based on taking action based on solutions provided by the coach. In our past experience, both the SoulKids programs and SoulKids coaching sessions have been highly effective.

What kind of issues can be helped?

SoulKids individual coaching sessions are structured to benefit any behavioral, emotional or social issue your child may need support in. Children often face the stress encountered by rapid change in their school or family environment, and also need support in their own development from pre-teens to teenagers and onwards to young adulthood. External environment and changing family relationships also affect the child’s development, as does their own hormonal change and physical evolution. The SoulKids individual coach is trained to connect with your child and respond to their mind-set, emotions and challenges. SoulKids coaching provides effective support and practical tools that children can benefit from during these changes.

What is the fee?

The cost of a one hour individual coaching session with a certified SoulKids coach is S$150. Packages of 3 and 6 sessions which parents can benefit from are available at S$400 and S$700 respectively. Coaching packages can be utilized at parents’ own time and convenience. Coaching sessions are conducted in a safe environment and at a date and time mutually decided between the parent and SoulKids coach. What is the qualification of the SoulKids coach? All SoulKids coaches have initially undergone training by Vikas Malkani, the creator of SoulKids, to become certified SoulKids mentors, qualified to run the SoulKids group programs. In addition to becoming certified mentors, they have gone through an intensive in-depth training with Vikas in this unique and proprietary SoulKids individual coaching process, and then also conducted practical sessions under his guidance, to gain the necessary experience before becoming a certified SoulKids coach. Our SoulKids Coaches are trained, capable and ready to support your child in all aspects.

Give your children the tools they need to create a life full of happiness and success.

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