Children - Parents - Schools - Companies

SoulKids is an award winning life-skills program for children.

We provide growth and support for the whole family, for schools and even for companies.

Children benefit by attending group classes, receiving individual coaching and learning from our best-selling books.

Parents benefit by attending SoulKids Mentor Training, by attending a variety of transformational training programs with us, and by absorbing the wisdom in our best-selling books for adults.

Schools benefit by introducing our award winning life-skills to support the academic training they provide.

Companies benefit by providing a reputable and effective program to benefit the children and families of staff members.

 You can become a part of the SoulKids magic too, in many ways:

1) Your child can read our best-selling books

2) Your child can attend the SoulKids training program

3) Your child can benefit from a SoulKids coaching session

4) You can attend SoulKids Mentor Training, to become an inspirational parent (and human being)

5) You can sponsor a SoulKids community project and help us to share essential life-skills with children everywhere

6) You can help to spread the word about SoulKids

7) You can also partner with us to start your own SoulKids Academy under license from us. We provide full business training, professional support and many amazing opportunities to grow with us

You will love what SoulKids has to offer. Get in touch and let us show you how we can together create a future that will bring happiness, fulfilment, meaning and purpose to you, and everyone you touch.

We are very passionate about the work we do and the value we provide through SoulKids. Become a part of us and see the difference in your own life. 

Still not enough? We also provide bespoke training programs tailored to suit your school or company’s specific needs.