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  1. 23/24 FEBRUARY<br/>SoulKids Self Confidence, Age 6-12

    23/24 FEBRUARY
    SoulKids Self Confidence, Age 6-12

    10:00AM-4:00PM, Saturday/Sunday

    This 2-day program is designed to inspire children to see their own unique skills and potential, and to build on these. By knowing their strengths they grow in confidence and are less affected by their peers and external comments.

    They begin to understand that each person has different skills and experiences in life. Instead of being divided, they celebrate differences and learn to work in teams for everyone’s benefit.

    They learn the importance of positive thinking and how it helps them deal with many of life’s situations.

    Age Group: 6-12 Years
    Program Duration: 12 Hours Total


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  2. 9/10 March<br/>SoulKids Creative Mindset, Age 6-12

    9/10 March
    SoulKids Creative Mindset, Age 6-12

    10:00AM-4:00PM, Saturday/Sunday

    This 2-day program gives children the skills necessary to become aware of their potential and to look at problems or challenges that may arise in life in different ways.

    They also learn to be open-minded in their thought process and are encouraged to look for innovative solutions, think creatively and explore possibilities.  Children also become more aware of how their mind works.

    They understand the importance of high EQ. They learn to identify their strengths and start to create visions for their future.   

    Age Group: 6-12 Years
    Program duration: 12 Hours Total


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  3. 23 March<br/>SoulKids Quick Start, Age 6-12

    23 March
    SoulKids Quick Start, Age 6-12

    2:30PM to 5:30PM, Saturday

    Now every child can benefit from a taste of SoulKids magic.

    QuickStart your child to create happiness and success! Children learn essential life-skills such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, success, and self-esteem through playing games, story-telling and role-play.

    Age Group: 6-12 Years
    Program duration: 3 Hours

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