SoulKids Magic - Why we started SoulKids

In 2003 whilst on a visit to India I met some parents who were singing the praises of a program called “SoulKids”. Whenever someone is enthusiastic about something they naturally speak about it and tell others.


3 Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

Raising happy children is the goal of every parent. Children are naturally drawn towards happiness, and as parents, we must understand what it takes to nurture and raise a happy child.


How To Build Confidence In Teenagers

The teenage years are a challenge for parents and children alike. Children go through massive changes physically, emotionally and mentally. Their thoughts change, their emotions change and so does their body. These changes can bring about confusions, insecurities and a sense of being alone for the children.


How To Help A Child With Low Self-Esteem

Is your child very self-critical and hard on himself? Does he/she often feel unsure about himself/herself? Are they always worried about participating socially as they think of what others might think of them? Do they keep questioning themselves and their abilities? Chances are, your child is suffering from low self-esteem.


Stress Management Tips For Parents

Parenting is one the most challenging jobs there is. It tests our patience, positivity and persistence. It can bring out our inner potential, or it can kill it completely too.


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