The Benefits of Coaching for Children

Coaching can benefit children tremendously. Through one-on-one guidance and support, coaches can help children develop the right mindset and belief system to help them through any issues.


Life-skills for today’s child

Children need to learn certain essential life-skills, which help them, navigate this journey of life with ease. Life-skills that help them create their own happiness and success no matter what. Life-skills that help them in any given situation.


Resilience – A much needed skill for Children

Resilience is a skill that can be taught in children (and adults) and the earlier it is taught; the better life will become.
Life will not always go the way we expect it to, and this statement alone will change the way your child reacts to life.


How To Manage Stress In Children

The task of raising children and making them future ready, brings many challenges. From academic stress, to teenage issues; from low self-esteem to intense peer pressure, children face it all in their years of learning and growing.


How SoulKids Changed My Life

SoulKids has played a significant role in making me into the positive person I am today. The environment at SoulKids was so open, positive and friendly. The mentors were friendly and at the end of the session, you wouldn't want to leave.


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