SoulKids® in Romania - Making a difference one child at a time

22 October 2018

By Dana Ilies, SoulKids® Mentor and Coach, Romania

After I finished my SoulKids® Mentor training I was asked to write a few words about myself for the Mentor page on the SoulKids® website. And this is what I wrote:

“Dana believes that when we give children the tools to lead a better life, our future will be a better and brighter world. Dana wants to change the world one child at a time!”

I did not know how I was going to go about doing this and I did not have a plan back then (that was in April 2016). But somehow, when you have a clear intention, the universe shows you the way. I continued to work as a SoulKids® Mentor in Singapore for 2 more years, teaching and inspiring children.

Early this year, we had to return to our home country Romania after many years overseas. I did not have a doubt in my mind about continuing my SoulKids® mission in Romania. It was a program I believed in and knew I wanted to continue to teach. We landed on April 3rd and my first program was on May 19th. It was sold out. The feedback I got was amazing and I continued with many more Programs following that.

Children in Romania love SoulKids®, and after every program I feel that I am one step closer to my goal. Parents benefit from SoulKids® too. A few days ago one parent told me that he sometimes tells himself “Always say yes, never give up”, something we teach children during the SoulKids® classes. It has been an amazing journey for me and I look forward to conducting many more successful programs here in Romania.

I end by encouraging all of you out there to believe you can make a difference in the world. There is no such thing as too small or too insignificant.

A few days ago I read a story about a girl, who was throwing back stranded Starfish from the beach into the sea. A man saw her and said there are thousands of stranded Starfish on the beach, you can only throw back a few of them, what difference does it make? And the girl answered while picking up one more Starfish, it makes a difference for this one.

Romania is one more file in the SoulKids® success story, and for that I am grateful to Vikas, the wisest teacher, to Sally Forrest who believed in me and brought me here, and to Vidhya Shailesh who guided me on my journey.

SoulKids®, Romania salutes you!

To find out more about our programs, please visit or email us at for more information. We offer group programs for different age groups and even offer one-on-one coaching if your child requires specific help and guidance.

SoulKids® in Romania - Making a difference one child at a time



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