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5th March 2018

Positive Parenting

Parents are a child’s first teachers. As a child comes into this world, the first people it interacts with are its parents. The child grows up watching, emulating and learning from his/her own parents.  As parents, we strive to encourage, motivate and bring out the best in our children. And positive parenting can help us achieve this.

Positive parenting encompasses constantly motivating, encouraging or teaching a child through positive, constructive feedback while appreciating their efforts not just the results. While there might be several occasions where as parents we might find ourselves demanding or expecting something from the children, it is vital to know that such behavior only sends the wrong message to the child. Constant weight of expectation, perfection on the part of the parents, often makes a child feel he/she is not good enough no matter how much they try. It beats down their own self-confidence and makes them loose trust in their own inherent abilities. Such children often constantly seek approval and are unable to independently make decisions.

At SoulKids® we tell parents, children learn more by imitation rather than through instruction. As parents, you are their role models, whether you like it or not. Children are constantly watching your every word and your behavior and emulating it in many ways. If you bring your mobile to the breakfast table, they learn by watching you and when they have their own mobiles, they do the same. There is no point then in getting upset with the child. The child merely does what he saw his parent do. Start by understanding how your own words or behavior influences your children.\

Does our speech sound dictatorial and demanding or is it motivating and inspiring? Rather than telling your children what to do, help them understand that their choices and actions have consequences. Help them see this play out in their lives in small ways, even if it means they must fail at something. A child who has failed once will learn the lesson of failure much faster than one who has never been allowed to fail. Help them to learn from their failures and move forward with the right attitude.

Motivate them to take responsibility for their own actions. A motivated child is more likely to model good behavior and aim for greater things, because he wants to. Keep your words positive, no matter what the child has done. Even the so called mistakes made by children are learning experiences. And what better way to learn than from your own mistakes.

Positive parenting helps raise a child’s sense of self-esteem and helps them grow in confidence in their own abilities. It helps to inspire children rather than perspire them.  A few changes to your own personal attitude, speech and behavior can have a drastic influence in your child’s upbringing and future. Positive parenting helps empower children to create their own happiness and success.

At SoulKids®, we conduct a transformational Mentor Training Program for adults who either work with children in any capacity or have children of their own.  The training program is life changing and introduces you to the world of positive parenting. It is guaranteed to change your life, your perspective and bring out the best in you as an individual. With this enhanced mindset and perception, you will certainly be an inspiration to your own children and to those around you.

The SoulKids® Mentor training program is conducted only once a year. In 2018, the training dates are from April 22-April 26. To find out more about this program, attend one of our free talks and hear all about the philosophy behind SoulKids® from our founders Vikas & Sally themselves. The free talk dates and times are given below.

-         March 8 (Thursday), 11am or 7pm or

-         April 16 (Monday), 11am or 7pm

E-mail us at soulkids@soulcentre.org or click on the preferred time slot to reserve your spot.

To find out more about our programs for children, please visit www.soulkids.org or email us at soulkids@soulcentre.org for more information. We offer group programs for different age groups and even offer one-on-one coaching if your child requires specific help and guidance.

Positive Parenting



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