My Experience as a SoulKids Mentor

By Dana Ilies, SoulKids®  Mentor
19th March 2018


My story starts with a Facebook post where Sally wanted to hire a part-time employee for SoulCentre. At the time I had never heard about SoulKids®, but I was looking for a job and I sent Sally an email.  Taking this action changed my life.

I joined a team of wonderful people who encouraged and supported me from the first moment on.

When the opportunity to attend the SoulKids Mentor Training came up and Sally offered it to me, I was very happy and absolutely sure that it would be an amazing experience.

Nothing could prepare me for what the course really delivered. Vikas Malkani is the wisest person I know (if not the wisest person there is). He can tell you one single line and change your life forever. He has a way of revealing the deepest secrets of life in the simplest possible way.

SoulKids Mentor Training is life changing. It makes you a better person and a great parent. It goes to the deepest corners of your soul, it makes you re-evaluate your mindset, conditioning, limiting beliefs, it helps you build up self-esteem and it gives you the tools for creating your own success and happiness.

The training first supports you as a person, and only afterwards gives you the proper instruments for teaching the program to children.

A SoulKids Mentor is inspirational, we don’t only teach children, we inspire them. We walk the talk and apply the lessons to our own life first. This is why this program is so powerful, it speaks to children’s souls, not only their minds.

And the most interesting part is that all of this happens while having lots of fun, through games and stories. Children, and adults learn best when they have fun and interact.

Soulkids Mentor

I became a SoulKids Mentor in May 2016 and since then I have been assisting Vidhya, the SoulKids Program Manager, in all the programs organised by SoulKids Academy.

There is no bigger reward than to see happiness and joy in the eyes of the children listening to you telling them stories.

We can see children changing from the moment they come through the door.

They enter SoulKids Academy not knowing what to expect. At first they may be a bit shy and do not interact a lot, but by the end of the program they are very excited and confident.

When they meet up with their parents again they jump around trying to tell pieces of the stories they learnt. A wonderful experience for me is the hugs that the children give as they leave, they hug with their whole hearts. It is so fulfilling.

What can be more rewarding than to read their testimonials: “SoulKids helped me overcome my fears” or “SoulKids made me more confident” or “SoulKids is awesome”?

All the children who attended our programs are special and unique. Not only did the children learn from us, but we learnt a lot from them as well. Every single program I conducted as a Mentor made me more confident and taught me valuable lessons.

SoulKids empowers children with skills for a happy and successful life: having an open mind, positive thinking, focus, persistence, having a vision, how to manage bullies, fear and negative people.

Looking back I feel so blessed for having been given this opportunity.

I have loved every minute of it and now I am leaving Singapore and am ready to take it home to Romania.

Thank you Sally, Vikas and Vidhya for supporting and encouraging me all the way, I’ll be forever grateful to you.

I end my story encouraging all the parents to gift their children the SoulKids experience.

It gives them the power to lead their best life.

SoulKids Mentor training happens only once a year!

Vikas and Sally are the teachers and it is an amazing opportunity. It will really change your life.

The 2018 training dates are from April 22-April 26.

To find out more about this program, attend one of our free talks and hear all about the philosophy behind SoulKids® from our founders Vikas & Sally themselves.

The free talk dates and times are given below.

-       April 5 (Thursday), 11am or 7pm or

-       April 16 (Monday), 11am or 7pm


Email us at or click on the preferred time slot to reserve your spot.


To find out more about our programs for children, please visit or email us at for more information.

 We offer group programs for different age groups of children and even offer one-on-one coaching if your child requires specific help and guidance.


My Experience as a SoulKids Mentor



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