My Experience as a SoulKids Mentor

SoulKids Mentor Training is life changing. It makes you a better person and a great parent. It goes to the deepest corners of your soul, it makes you re-evaluate your mindset, conditioning, limiting beliefs, it helps you build up self-esteem and it gives you the tools for creating your own success and happiness.


Positive Parenting

Parents are a child’s first teachers. As a child comes into this world, the first people it interacts with are its parents. The child grows up watching, emulating and learning from his/her own parents. As parents, we strive to encourage, motivate and bring out the best in our children. And positive parenting can help us achieve this.


SoulKids Magic - Why we started SoulKids

In 2003 whilst on a visit to India I met some parents who were singing the praises of a program called “SoulKids”. Whenever someone is enthusiastic about something they naturally speak about it and tell others.


3 Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

Raising happy children is the goal of every parent. Children are naturally drawn towards happiness, and as parents, we must understand what it takes to nurture and raise a happy child.


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