Life-skills for today’s child

24 September 2018

By: Vidhya Shailesh, SoulKids® Program Manager, 

We live in a constantly changing environment. The world as we know it today is drastically different from what it was while we were growing up. The environment, the social structure, the education systems, the lifestyle have all changed and adapted. In this ever-changing world, it is essential that we forever keep an open mind and embrace a growth mindset. What was relevant twenty years ago might not be today. We must keep up to the times.

As parents or caregivers, our job is to make our children future ready. Just as the world today is very different from the one we grew up in, the world that our children will live in is guaranteed to be different too. We must equip our children with the skills needed to adapt to this changing world, to make the most of it and to live a successful life. We cannot imagine what the world of tomorrow will be like for our children. By limiting their thought process or imposing beliefs in their mindsets, we are only limiting their potential. Instead, empower them with the right mindset and belief systems that help them create a life by choice.


This is where life-skills education plays a very important role. Children need to learn certain essential life-skills, which help them, navigate this journey of life with ease. Life-skills that help them create their own happiness and success no matter what. Life-skills that help them in any given situation.

Listed below are a few life-skills that are more relevant and essential today for children growing up.

1. Embrace Differences

Children need to be taught early to embrace the differences amongst their peers. We live in a world where geographical boundaries are fast diminishing and people travel far and wide. It is therefore very possible children might have around them others from various countries, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities etc. They must learn to embrace all of these differences and understand that this diversity should be celebrated.

2. Self-Belief

Self-Belief is a sense of trust and confidence in your own abilities and judgments. Children need to be encouraged right from a very young age to trust their own choices and to believe in themselves. A high sense of self-belief helps them approach every new experience with enthusiasm and helps bring out their potential.   

3. Resilience

In an attempt to give our children the perfect upbringing, sometimes we end up shielding them from failure. However failure is one of the greatest teachers for children. It teaches them to pick themselves up and despite their disappointment, try again. It teaches them to learn from the experience and not give up.

4. Positive thinking

Children must learn the importance of positive thinking. They must be taught to always see the good in every situation. Being positive helps them feel happy and helps them be in control of their emotions. A positive mindset leads the way for anything they wish to achieve in their lives. Be positive around them and encourage them to be positive too.

5. Teamwork

Children need to learn the importance of teamwork. In any social or professional capacity, teamwork is necessary.  Children need to learn the skills required to work with others. Be it in a leadership capacity or as a team member, teamwork is an essential life skill.

SoulKids® training is geared towards teaching children these very life-skills among several others. In a fun and engaging environment, children learn many valuable skills that help them through any given situation in life. They develop the right mindset and belief systems that support them and help them create their own happiness and success. Children love the program and always want to keep coming back for more.


Our next program is happening on November 10 & 11 for 6-12 year olds. Register your children to have them benefit. 

To find out more about our programs, please visit or email us at for more information. We offer group programs for different age groups and even offer one-on-one coaching if your child requires specific help and guidance.


Life-skills for today’s child



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