The Benefits of Coaching for Children

8 October 2018

By: Vidhya Shailesh, SoulKids® Program Manager,

As parents we are often spoilt for choice when it comes to good schools for our children. Schools these days are well equipped to support children through their growing years. A sound academic program supported by a good value system helps schools make children future ready. However, why is it that we still hear of young children struggling in school. We often hear of bullying where a child’s self-esteem has been hurt so bad that he no longer wishes to go to school. Many children struggle with peer-pressure. Issues with friends, fears that stop them from doing their best, fear of failure, lack of motivation are some of the many issues children today face at school. Why is it that the school system is unable to support them?

Schools have a fantastic academic and all-rounded development program. However, they often don’t have the bandwidth to support the individual needs of a child. As a child grows, there are many things that happen in their lives. Along with academics, they go through many emotional issues which have a deep impact on their belief system. A small negative incident like bullying in their childhood, can have long-standing repercussions. A child who was bullied might grow up to be an adult who is never willing to step out for fear of being made fun of. A small failure in their younger years might instill in children a fear of trying anything new. Beliefs like “I am not good at this”, “I am really bad at math”, “my friends will never play with me” among several others are all just beliefs they have developed following one small negative incident. If not corrected these have the potential to stick with them through the rest of their lives.

This is where life-skills education and coaching plays a very important role. Why do children need coaching? You might ask.

Children need coaching just as much as adults. Coaching provides a safe, comfortable, happy and judgement free environment where a child is free to express himself to the coach. The child knows they will not be judged and the coach is there to support and guide them through whatever issues they might have. The one-on-one platform enables children to discuss whatever is on their mind with their coach. The coach in-turn supports them with the right understanding and gently guides them to develop the right mindset and beliefs systems. Coaching is based on trust.

While it is just as powerful for the younger children, it is highly beneficial for teens and pre-teens. Younger children often come home and speak to their parents. However, teens and pre-teens may not always discuss everything with their parents. A coaching platform is a must for them to be able to get the right guidance and develop the necessary life-skills. A good coach should be able to support and guide a child to help bring out the best in himself/herself. A good coach should be able to help motivate the child.

Coaching provides children a platform to share what’s on their minds. As parents we often spend as much as we can trying to support our children’s academic learning. However, it is just as important to support their mindset and thinking. Coaching can help achieve that. It provides a safe, secure and confidential space where all issues can be discussed and much more detailed and in-depth help and support can be provided to the child. The coach can adequately motivate the child using specific tools and processes and encourage the child to take ownership of action towards change.

A good coach is authentic and listens to the children with genuine interest. A coach is interested in exploring their hopes and dreams. The child’s well-being and growth is the coach’s highest priority. A successful coaching environment benefits the child tremendously and helps them grow emotionally strong and happy. It boosts their sense of self-belief and self-esteem and equips them with all the tools required to create their own happiness. This serves as a wonderful foundation during their growing years and ensures that they grow into happy and confident adults.

At SoulKids® we offer coaching for children from the age of 6 upwards. Our coaches are professional and have been thoroughly trained by Vikas Malkani, the founder and creator of SoulKids® himself. To book a coaching session with one of our coaches, email us at It is the best gift you can give your child.

If you would like your children to benefit from our group programs, our next program is happening on November 10 & 11 for 6-12 year olds. To find out more about our programs, please visit or email us at for more information.



The Benefits of Coaching for Children



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