Teaching Children Gratitude

Gratitude can benefit children and adults in many ways. We must encourage children to develop an attitude of gratitude from a very young age.

Strategies for helping a child cope with stress

Children often face stress in their growing up years. The rigors of an academic expectation, keeping up with their activities, peer pressure, social troubles, friend problems, a change in the home/school environment can all contribute towards childhood stress. Here we present a few strategies for you to help your children manage their stress with ease.

SoulKids® in Romania - Making a difference one child at a time

SoulKids® in Romania has been a big success. In a little over 6 months, I have completed several programs which have all been sold out completely. Children in Romania love SoulKids® and the feedback from both parents and children has been amazing. SoulKids® Romania loves you!

The Benefits of Coaching for Children

Coaching can benefit children tremendously. Through one-on-one guidance and support, coaches can help children develop the right mindset and belief system to help them through any issues.


Life-skills for today’s child

Children need to learn certain essential life-skills, which help them, navigate this journey of life with ease. Life-skills that help them create their own happiness and success no matter what. Life-skills that help them in any given situation.


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