Every child is born with a promise, a promise that says
"who I can be is up to me!" - Vikas

Awarded 'Best in Class' by Harper's Bazaar
Awarded 'Licensor of the Year' by FLA Singapore
Awarded 'Best Life Skills Education Program' by Parent's World Magazine 

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SoulKids Self-Confidence Programs

SoulKids Self-Confidence Programs

Sign up your children for one of our transformational self-confidence programs.
See our calendar page for available dates.


SoulKids Coaching

soulkids coach

Support your child through one-on-one coaching with our trained and certified coaches. In these transformative sessions, one-on-one attention and support for your child is provided and specific issues can be targeted, thus providing an ongoing learning platform for them.


SoulKids Ambassadors

Self Confidence books

A group of positive, confident and passionate SoulKids children have been specially selected to become SoulKids Ambassadors. They will spread the message of SoulKids and inspire children the world over. They are children who inspire others and make a difference in the world.

  • How to Build Self Confidence

    How to build self confidence

  • How to Build Self Esteem

    How to build self esteem

  • coaching

    Coaching and Mentoring