Children learn best when having fun!
Essential life skills are taught through games, stories and experiential learning.

Our Group Programs:


SoulKids Quick Start (3 hours - Taster program)

This is a taster program that delivers the SoulKids Magic to children in a short period of 3 hours. Children with busy schedules can learn valuable lessons and gain wisdom through fun stories, games and activities.

Some of the key learning points:

      • • Your value never changes no matter what others say
      • • Doing new things encourages growth
      • • Self confidence is clear to see
      • • High self-esteem brings out the best in you
      • • Team work is necessary in life
      • • Positive thinking makes me happier 

Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years
Program duration: 3 Hours
Price: S$99

SoulKids Self-Confidence (10 hours content - Full program)

This program is designed to inspire children to see their own unique skills and potential, and to build on them. By knowing their strengths they grow in confidence and are less affected by their peers and external comments.

They begin to understand that each person has different skills and experiences in life. Instead of being divided, they celebrate differences and learn to work in teams for everyone’s benefit.

They learn the importance of positive thinking and how it helps them deal with many of life’s situations.

Some of the key learning points:

      • • You decide your value and no one can take this away
      • • Doing new things encourages growth
      • • Self confidence is clear to see
      • • Team work is necessary in life
      • • Positive thinking makes me happier
      • • Persistent effort brings reward in life
      • • How to learn from negative experiences
      • • No two people see the world the same

Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years
Program duration: 2 Days, 10 AM to 4 PM
Price: S$449

SoulKids Creative Mindset (10 hours content - Full program)

This program gives children the skills necessary to become aware of their potential and to look at problems or challenges that may arise in life in different ways.

They also learn to be open-minded in their thought process and are encouraged to look for innovative solutions, think creatively and explore possibilities.  Children also become more aware of how their mind works.

They understand the importance of high EQ. They learn to identify their strengths and start to create visions for their future.   

The program is delivered through fun stories, games and activities that require teamwork and role-play.  

 Some of the key learning points:

      • • New, inspiring and fun stories
      • • How to think creatively
      • • How not to limit yourself
      • • How to be open minded and step out of your comfort zone
      • • To never give up at the first hurdle
      • • How to create a vision and stick to it no matter what
      • • How your thoughts create beliefs
      • • To have the courage to be original


Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years
Program duration: 2 Days, 10 AM to 4 PM
Price: S$449

SoulKids Holiday Camp (12 hours - Holiday program)

1, 2, 3 or 4 day wisdom camps (3 hours each day)

This program delivers a mixture of the SoulKids magic, advanced teachings on how the mind affects our emotions and actions, and deeper wisdom from colours, crystals and nature in general. Each day will be self contained and will cover certain themes.

Children learn best when they are having fun and our holiday camps certainly leave the children wanting more!

Some of the key learning points:

      • • How to build your self-confidence
      • • Focus on resilience, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem, hard work, persistence and positive thinking among others
      • • Understand what skills they contribute to the world around them
      • • How their thoughts affect their emotions
      • • How to respond to situations and not react to them
      • • How to calm the emotions as needed
      • • How to deal with difficult people/situations in a calm manner
      • • What do colours mean and how they can affect us
      • • What properties certain crystals possess and how to use these
      • • How to manage negative emotions


Price: S$110/day
Special price for attending all 4 sessions: S$399

* Children can attend 1,2,3, or all 4 days