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Values to teach a child

Children develop their values by learning from parents, siblings, families, cultures, communities, teachers and religions.

When a child is young a child does not question the values it is given or taught, and most often these values are simply imbibed by looking at those the child is living with.



How Does Self-Confidence Enhance Performance?

Self-Confidence is an essential life – skill every child must develop. It is a sense of self-belief in one’s own abilities. When a child is self-confident, they are resilient and bounce back in the face of even the biggest setbacks. They have tremendous belief in their own inherent ability.



Life-Skills - Why Are They Needed?

We live in a constantly changing environment. Children are consistently being exposed to a varied array of experiences. The world we see today is no longer the one we had grown up with. Change is the only constant.




From The Mouths Of Children

Children just love SoulKids®. Through our programs, children learn essential life-skills like self-confidence, how to boost your sense of self-belief, teamwork, leadership, focus, persistence and positive thinking among others.


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