Every child is born with a promise,
a promise that says, "who I can be is up to me!"

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Building Self-Confidence


The SoulKids Quick Start program is designed to inspire children to see their own unique skills and potential, and to build on themThe next SoulKids Quick Start program will be on Wednesday 10 August.


SoulKids Ambassadors

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A group of positive, confident and passionate SoulKids children have been specially selected to become SoulKids Ambassadors. They will spread the message of SoulKids and inspire children the world over. They will star in SoulKids videos and have many amazing opportunities to shine and inspire through the media. They are children who inspire others and make a difference in the world.


SoulKids Book 5 Launch Party

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SoulKids celebrated the international launch of its fifth book in the bestselling series of SoulKids books on self-confidence by hosting a fun-filled event in January 2016. The SoulKids Book of Self-Confidence Book 5 contains 10 delightful stories written to make children more confident, focused, happy and successful. The pages are beautifully illustrated by children inspired after attending the SoulKids program.

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